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Skin Care

Soft water function (soft water, reducing hardness)

By increasing the zeta potential of water, it activates ions, and colloidal molecules(CaCO3, MgCO3) combine with Ca and Mg in water to achieve stable dispersion, and have the function of softening water by maintaining the dispersed state in water.

Antibacterial effect (improves skin diseases, removes mold in the shower and prevents propagation)

The high electrostatic field aligns the phospholipids of the bacterial cell membrane, and the alignment and disruption parts are generated, and foreign substances such as water and ions are injected into the cell, which expands and causes apoptosis (irreversible). Water containing chlorine (Cl) becomes hypochlorous acid water (HOCl) by an electrostatic field, which has an effect as sterilizing water.

Improving cleaning power (improving scalp and hair condition)

The high electrostatic potential applied to water weakens the hydrogen bonds of water molecules, changing water into hydrophilic properties, improves cleaning power. In addition, water with reduced hardness improves cleaning power.

Skin moisturizing (deep cleansing effect, Keratin improvement)

The weakening of the hydrogen bonds of water molecules allows smaller water molecules to penetrate deep into the pores, thereby improving the moisture of the skin.

Water Pipe Protection

Prevention of scale and slime

As the zeta potential value increases, colloids do not coagulate, and a stable dispersion state is achieved. Therefore, scale and slime (Ca2+, CO32-) in water are made of a colloidal material (0.0001~ 0.01um) that does not coagulate in water to prevent the precipitation of scale and slime on the inner wall of the pipe.

Anti rust

Oxidized iron reacts with colloidal molecules such as CaCO3 or MgCO3 by ionization of the metal to prevent rust.

Rust, scale and slime removal

Carbonic acid (H2CO3) formed by ion activation removes precipitated Ca2+ and CO32-.

We recommend UNG Water softner to :

  • The skin is dry, rough & itchy.
  • The hair is stuff and lacking in luster.
  • The soap is not removed cleanly on the skin.
  • Difficult to remove stains on Tiles, Glass & Bathtubs.
  • The faucet is covered with white lime.
  • After brushing teeth, Toothpaste seems to have left in mouth, Feeling dry.
  • Even if you wash your feet, smell from the feet.
  • To bathe pets more cleanly.The skin is dry, rough & itchy.

Certified & inspected by verified National Institutions in Korea, U.S.A. & Europe


Institute Name (Performed Report Test) Test Item Test Water UNG Water @ 1 Cycle
Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute
Total Hardness

Detergency power

Surface Tension

78.6[mg CaCO3/L]



67.2[mg CaCO3/L]



Korea Conformity Laboratories
Antibacterial test (Staphylococcus Aureus)

Antibacterial test (Staphylococcus Aureus)

Antibacterial test (Staphylococcus Aureus)

Antibacterial test (Staphylococcus Aureus)



66.6% of reduction

99.9% of reduction (*1 hour circulation)

60.8% of reduction

94.7% of reduction (*30 min circulation)
Institute Name (Performed Report Test) Clinical Trial Test Items Before use [Average] 4 weeks after using this product[Average]
The Clinical Trial Center for Bio-industry at SEMYUNG UNIVERSITY
Improvement of scalp keratin

Prevention of damage to hair cuticle erosion rate
280 [A.U.]

1.63 [A.U.]
17 [A.U.]

1.43 [A.U.]

Comparison of features with existing products

Contents Filter Method Ion Exchange Resin UNG Water
Treatment Method
Carbon, Ceramic         Filter, Vitamin C
Electro Static Field
Low                                 Low
Power Supply
X                                       X
O / X
Softening performance
△                                      X
Easy                                Easy
△                                      X
Cleaning Power
△                                      X
Filter Function
X / △                                O
Rust, Scale and Slime Prevention
△                                      X
Rust, Scale and Slime Removal
△                                      X
Lime Water Effect
Blocked                         Blocked
No Effect
No Effect
Size, Weight
Small                              Small
Periodic Cleaning
O                                     X (Exchange)
X (Exchange)
Consumable Parts Exchange Cycle
Permanent                  3 Months
3 Months
Estimated 10 Years

*( Where X represent null value, O represent water value & △ represent soft values )

Product Performance

Performance result of electrostatic water quality improvement device: Removal of foreign substances such as wall moss (Singapore, Year-2014).

Before Using UNG Water Softener

After Using UNG Water Softener

How to check if product is Installable

How to check the Water Pressure

Method - 1

When the water from the shower faucet is filled in a 2 liter bottle, the filling time should be less than 22 seconds.

Method - 2

When the height of the water stream is 32cm or more after turning the shower hose up vertically.

How to check installable faucet

3.2cm(1.26inch) away from the wall to the center of the faucet.

Product composition and how to use spanner

Product Composition


Rubber Ring / Spanner

User Manual


How to use Spanner

Used to fix the connecting screw of the shower head

Used to fix the nut of the product

The spanner are of different sizes on both sides

When fixing the connecting screw of the shower head, use one side of the spanner to closely fit the nut and turn it into place.

When fixing the nut of the product, use the other side of the spanner, to closely fit the nut and turn it into place.

Examples of Misuse

How to Install

Note: Strictly install UNG SOFTENER Before water heaters and geysers. UNG SOFTENER can be installed vertically at main output line of the overhead tank.

Remove the connecting screw of the shower head connected to the shower faucet using one spanner.

Insert the enclosed rubber ring to prevent water from leaking into the nut of the product body.

Hold the body with one hand and turn the nut of the product body with rubber ring to the separated shower faucet using the other spanner to fix it so that water does not leak. Fix it so that the LED part faces forward.

The existing rubber ring is attached to the connecting screw of the shower head. You can use it as it is.

Hold the product body with one hand and turn the connecting screw of the shower head connected to the outlet bolt part of the product with one spanner to fix it so that water does not leak. Make sure that the water is not leaking and that it is connected well.

User Manual



Safety Precautions

• This product is not guaranteed to be used for therapeutic purposes.
• At the production process, water was used to check the quality control of the product, so some water may come out of the product. Please use the product with confidence.
• Rubber o-rings must be inserted at the inlet and outlet of the product respectively. The rubber o-ring at the inlet of the product is already attached to the product. Please use the rubber o-ring at the outlet attached to the existing shower faucet.
• When installing the product, it is recommended to install the LED to face the front of the product.
• When installing the product, remove water from the body and hold the body firmly so that it is not slippery, and then tighten joints with a spanner.
• If the product and the shower parts(nut, screw) are tightened too much, the joints of the product and the shower may be twisted and broken, which may cause water leakage.
• If the product is impacted or installed near fire, the product will malfunction and the product will be deformed.
• The parts of this product are glued together and do not disassemble. Damage and failure of the product due to disassembly will be repaired for a fee according to the compensation regulations even within the warranty period.
• Please use your home’s standard water supply as water source.
• If you use strong chemical thinner, benzene, or an iron scrubber to clean the product, The plating may come off.
• This product has the function to show the brightness of the LED light that the product is operating according to the strength of the shower water pressure. The initial blinking of the LED indicates that the operating has started. If the LED is blinking lightly or light up, it means the product is operating normally.