"The world's first cordless electrostatic Water Softner"

About the Product

Can you use your daily tap water with confidence?

Water that you shower can have the following detrimental effects by old pipes, etc. White lime, Arsenic, Lead, Copper, Nitrate, Microplastics, Chlorine.

Skin absorption of such harmful water is as dangerous as eating & contaminated water vapor in the bath is like breathing toxins leading to skin cell destruction and accelerated aging.

UNG Softener helps protect the skin from such harmful substances based on electrostatic technology proven for 10 years.

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Key Features

The Future Revolution is here

Skin Care

Soft water function

Anti bacterial effect

Improving cleaning power

Skin Moisturising

Water Pipe Protection

Prevention of scale and slime

Anti rust

Rust, scale and slime removal

Product Specification

How it works

What is electrostatic field?

Like thunder and lightning in natural phenomena, it is to have a structure of charged electrodes (anode and cathode) with stable high potential energy in the shower pipe

High electrostatic field

Weakening the hydrogen bonding of water molecules

Reduced surface tension of water

Increasing the zeta potential of water

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